Protecting and enforcing member interests

Master Builders SA's industrial relations team provides expert advice on your workplace obligations. We can ensure your obligations to your Award and non-award employees are met, from hiring to termination, and provide the level of understanding of the Building Code 2016 and other industry laws that only a true industry representative can provide. We are available to draft your Enterprise Agreements and Contracts and can represent your business for Return to Work, unfair dismissal and underpayment matters. We are your industry partner.

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Latest News

2016 Code amendments pass the Senate

The Building and Construciton Industry (Improving Productivity) Amendment Bill 2017 passed through the  ...
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Safety too important for games

Safety and jobs are too important for industrial games.
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A win for South Australians

Cutting the transition period for Building Code 2016 is a win for South Australians.

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Avoid a Commonwealth work ban

Businesses need to act now to avoid missing out on future Commonwealth work.

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