Our Injury Management Services

Our Injury Management Services

When an injury occurs in the workplace it has a profound impact on the organisation. Workplace injuries often lead to absences from work and for the employer it involves direct and indirect costs associated with loss in productivity, increased workers compensation premium and can have a negative impact on co-workers.

Employers must respond quickly and support the injured worker appropriately to ensure the health, emotional and financial impact on them and their family is minimal and that they are provided the best possible assistance to remain at or return to safe and sustainable work as soon as possible.

As the old saying goes “prevention is better than cure”.

Early intervention and support/response to workers that may be showing signs of not coping at work can potentially avoid a workplace injury. Having clear policies and guidelines in place supported by training can help in identifying these early warning signs.

Master Builders SA can assist your organisation with all areas of workers injury management, workers compensation management and return to work.  Our qualified consultants are available to review workers compensation claims, develop return to work plans and implement a return to work program.

The claims process can be emotional and confusing for both employers and the injured worker. Whether you are seeking general advice or require complete management of the claims process, including engaging with all stakeholders and key parties on your behalf, our consultants can help.