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Thursday, 6 September 2018
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State Budget
The Marshall Government was elected on a platform of boosting economic growth and employment by reducing the cost of doing business and the cost of living in South Australia. The State Budget, handed down this week by Treasurer Rob Lucas, is generally a pro-business, financially responsible document that focuses on delivering the government's election promises.

It was terrific to see the Government support so many of Master Builders SA's policies, such as payroll tax and land tax reductions and the establishment of the Productivity Commission and Infrastructure SA. There is also $202.6 million to create an additional 20 800 apprenticeships and traineeships and a massive $11.3 billion commitment to infrastructure spending over the next four years. Our only major complaint is that there is nothing new for first homebuyers. A stamp duty exemption for first homebuyers on new builds up to the median house price remains a top priority for the Association.

Click here to view our media release and here to see our Budget summary.
Master Builders SA Suite - September/October
Master Builders SA Suite is a brand new online business management tool which is included in your membership. This makes operating your business easier, by allowing you to access your key information in the one place anytime and from anywhere.

We currently have three Information Sessions on Master Builders SA Suite. These sessions are run by Master Builders SA, at no cost to members:

1. Contract Builder
2. Employment Management Systems (EMS)
3. WHS, WHIMS, SWMS Resources Library 

Our upcoming sessions -

Employment Management System (EMS)
Tuesday 11 September at 4.00pm
EMS is an entry level, ‘cloud-based’ single user system which helps to minimise risks for
businesses by assisting with the management of workplace investigations, misconduct, poor performance, complaints, counselling, warnings and termination of employment. During the session, we will provide an overview of the program, including how the system encourages managers to adopt best practice and minimise risks in respect of unfair dismissal, adverse action, discrimination and stress claims. We will also cover accessibility, including who can access documents and how to update this.

Work, Health & Safety Resources
Wednesday 10 October at 4:00pm
This session will cover your Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems (all document controlled) and aligned with ISO 9001:2016 AS/NZS 4801 ISO 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015, including:

  • WHIMS interface to report hazards/incidents and generate reports
  • Integrated Management System (IMS) Manuals, Quality Manuals
  • Management Plans for Quality, WHS, and Environmental
  • All supporting QHSE (including policies, procedures, forms, WMS, SWMS, SOPs & SWIs)

For further information contact the Membership Team on: 08 8211 7466 or
Best Building Practices - 10-12 September
Best Building Practices - 10-12 September
Course details
Date 10-12 September 2018
Time 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost $350 for members/$700 for non-members (GST inc.)


This course will provide you with the necessary tools to pursue sustainability options on building and construction work sites. It enables you to market your services as being skilled in design, construction and maintenance of high quality structures that adopt industry-best practice for sustainability in the building and construction environment.


  • Green living principles
  • Project planning
  • Concept design
  • Site works
  • Building envelope
  • Energy management
  • Interior fit out
  • Business strategy
  • Framing and structure
  • Water management and landscape

Participants must have relevant construction industry experience to successfully complete this course.


Participants who successfully complete all required assessment activities will be issued with a Certificate of Completion.
Be a Xero Hero - 11 September
Be a Xero Hero - 11 September
Course details
Date Tuesday 11 September 2018
Time 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost $170 for members/$340 for non-members


Would you like to spend more time with your family and friends? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the paperwork and the red tape? What is there was a better way? Our bookkeeping expert, Jo, will provide you with the Xero basics and give you some tips on automating your bookwork. Why spend your evenings doing your books when there is a faster and more efficient option?


  • Using Xero efficiently
  • Breakdown of the Xero program
  • Effectively collating your data

Participants who successfully complete the course will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance.
IR Seminar - 19 September
IR Seminar - 19 September
Event Details
Date Wednesday 19 September 2018
Time 5pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide


It is common practice in the building and construction industry for workers to be engaged as independent contractors rather than employees.

Wrongly classifying employees as independent contractors can have significant financial consequences and expose businesses to liability arising from common law employment claims for unpaid employment entitlements, workers’ compensation claims, unpaid superannuation, payroll tax liability and sham contracting.

This seminar will analyse the criteria that applies to the common law test of employment as well as specific rules that apply under superannuation legislation and the “building work” deeming provisions in the Return to Work Act. The seminar will identify the risks to businesses and individual directors, and provide tips on how to minimise these risks.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend an important and topical IR seminar. FREE for members.

Contracts Management Training - Contract Formation - 19 September
Contracts Management Training - Contract Formation - 19 September
Course Details
Date Wednesday 19 September 2018
Time 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost $150 for members/$300 for non-members (GST inc.)


In our experience, there is a growing need for participants in the construction industry to have an understanding of how contracts work, what they mean, how they need to be managed and administered to protect the rights and meet obligations of their organisation.


  • Why have a contract?
  • What are the essentials for a contract?
  • When is an estimate able to be accepted to form a contract?
  • Can a contract form by starting work?
  • Does a signature matter?
  • What documents are included in the contract
  • Unwritten contracts and verbal variations
Small Business Program - 27 September
Small Business Program - 27 September
Course Details
Date 27 September 2018
Time 5:30pm to 7pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost $250 for members/$450 for non-members (GST inc.)


Do you want you and your business to maximise their potential? The best way to be successful is to set goals and follow a roadmap to get there. This workshop also provides practical advice on sales, marketing and how to ‘learn and earn’.


  • Planning to reach goals
  • Sales – tips to upsize your business
  • Marketing – master your Marketing
  • Business Planning – Planning for Business Success
  • Boardroom Mastermind – How to learn and Earn

Participants who attend this course will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance.
From the Ground up - Breakfast Forum - 9 October
Event Details
Date Tuesday 9 October 2018
Time 7:30am to 10am
Venue Civil Contractors Federation SA - 1 South Road Thebarton, SA


Hosted by Civil Contractors Federation SA, this free breakfast forum is one for the tradies!

Come along if you are a sole trader or work in the construction industry and are curious about developing a mentally healthy workplace, including those in senior management, HSRs, human resources, and all trades. You will hear from Outside the Locker Room’s Jake Edwards, MATES in Construction and Sharpen Your Tools about how to create a supportive work site and what services are available to you.

This forum will remind us all why it is so important to be proactive and look after ourselves and our workmates every day, not just when we feel at crisis point.

Minister Knoll to attend Commercial Contractors' Committee meeting
Minister Knoll to attend Commercial Contractors' Committee meeting
We're pleased to announce that Minister Stephan Knoll will attend our Commercial Contractors' Committee meeting from 4:00pm on Tuesday, 20 November at Master Builders House.

Minister Knoll is the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure, Planning and Local Government. He's a strong supporter of our industry, and recently attended our Housing Committee.

This is a terrific opportunity for members to help shape the Marshall Government's policy agenda for at least the next three and a half years.

For more information, contact Policy and Communications Manager Will Frogley on 0422 052 728.
Become a Master Builders SA Apprentice!
Become a Master Builders SA Apprentice!
Master Builders SA are seeking hardworking and reliable carpentry, bricklaying and wall & ceiling lining apprentices in their first, second, third and fourth years, who are looking at continuing their careers at a Group Training Organisation.

This is a fantastic opportunity for those wishing to complete their apprenticeship at the lead building association.

To find out more or apply, CLICK HERE.
Draft Regulations - Accredited Professionals Scheme
The Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) have just released draft regulations for public consultation specific to accredited professionals detailed under the Planning Development and Infrastructure (PDI) Act 2016.

The draft corresponds to the recommendations listed in the Shegold Weir report - Improving the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement systems for the building and construction industry. The regulations stipulate that certain professionals are required to be accredited, these include occupations currently known as building surveyors, planning officers, and council panel members who deliberate on development decisions.

Accredited professionals under the proposed regulations are required to receive regular training in their area of expertise, this contributes to a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points scheme. Those who do not accrue 20 CPD points within a calendar year will be de-accredited and relieved of their normal duties. The regulations give explanation to an audit process administered by DPTI and provides complaint procedures for industry accreditation bodies to adhere to. Further details on the draft regulations can be found HERE.

FREE IR evaluation
Master Builders SA offers free industrial and workplace relations evaluations to members to assist your business to comply with continually changing and complex workplace laws. Contact us today on 8211 7466 to arrange a comprehensive review of your business' employment practices.
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