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Friday, 5 October 2018
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South Australia's Top 100 Companies
The South Australian building and construction industry undertakes about $16 billion of work every year, contributing more than $1 for every $7 of economic activity within the State. Indirectly, more than one-quarter of South Australia's wealth is produced by the building and construction industry.  In the year to February 2018, there were 65,1000 people directly employed in the industry across all sectors.

Given these statistics it's no surprise that many of our members feature in the recently released top 100 South Australian companies for 2017-18 as measured by InDaily's SA Business Index. The Index, now in its fourth year, is put together by financial services company Taylor Collison, and is based primarily on market capitalisation. I would like to congratulate the following members and sponsors:

96. IJF Australia Pty Ltd

84. Parek Industries Pty Ltd

73. Mossop Group Pty Ltd

72. Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec

52. Weeks Group Pty Ltd

46. Rivergum Homes

43. Hickinbotham Group of Companies

32. McMahon Services Australia Pty Ltd

30. Badge Group Holdings Pty Ltd

24. ResourceCo (sponsor)

21. Sarah Group
Cox Plate Race Day - 27 October
Cox Plate Race Day - 27 October
Event Details
Date Saturday 27th October 2018
Time 12.30 pm to 5.30pm
Venue Gerard Pavillion, Morphettville Racecourse
Cost $180.00 + GST per person/$1700 + GST for a table of 10

Bookings close COB Friday October 19.


Includes course entry, two course lunch, premium drinks package, betting facilities and celebrity tipster.
Safety Supervisor - 9 October to 6 November
Safety Supervisor - 9 October to 6 November
Course Details
Date 9 October 2018 - 6 November 2018
Time 1.00pm to 5.00pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost $555 for members/$1,110 for non-members


This course is an overview of common building and construction safety issues. You will be provided with in-depth information, flowcharts, checklists and discussion about topics such as drugs and alcohol, scaffolding, electrical testing, demolition and excavation.


  • Responsibilities in safety
  • Tool Box meetings
  • Electrical temporary supply
  • Falls from heights
  • Demolition
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Traffic management
  • Health and safety committees
  • SWMS
  • Electrical testing and tagging
  • Scaffolds
  • Excavation and shoring
  • Public safety
  • Dealing with conflict in safety
Master Builders SA Suite - October/November
Master Builders SA Suite is a brand new online business management tool which is included in your membership. This makes operating your business easier, by allowing you to access your key information in the one place anytime and from anywhere.

We currently have three Information Sessions on Master Builders SA Suite. These sessions are run by Master Builders SA, at no cost to members:

1. Contract Builder
2. Employment Management Systems (EMS)
3. WHS, WHIMS, SWMS Resources Library 

Our upcoming sessions:

Work, Health & Safety Resources
Wednesday 10 October at 4:00pm
This session will cover your Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems (all document controlled) and aligned with ISO 9001:2016 AS/NZS 4801 ISO 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015, including:
  • WHIMS interface to report hazards/incidents and generate reports
  • Integrated Management System (IMS) Manuals, Quality Manuals
  • Management Plans for Quality, WHS, and Environmental
  • All supporting QHSE (including policies, procedures, forms, WMS, SWMS, SOPs & SWIs)
Contract Builder
Tuesday 13 November at 4:00pm
Contract Builder replaces Contracts on Disk and Contract Master. You will be able to create online contracts quickly and easily to send to your clients. These include:
  • New House Contract
  • Minor Works Contract
  • Housing Specification
  • Building Schedule
  • Commercial Lump Sum
  • Sub-contractor Agreement

For further information contact the Membership Team on: 08 8211 7466 or

Safe Work Method Statements - 11 October
Safe Work Method Statements - 11 October
Course Details
Date 11 October 2018
Time 8.30am to 12.30pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost $150 Master Builders SA Member CITB Eligible/$180 Master Builders SA CITB Ineligible/$260 Non-Member CITB Ineligible/$230 Non-Member CITB Eligible


This course will guide you through writing Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), formerly known as Job Safety Analysis (JSA), in a simple and effective format. It focuses on breaking down tasks and looking at them from a hazard and environmental management perspective in order to minimise risk.

Meeting procedures for on-site safety (known as Toolbox Meetings) will also be covered.


  • Work Health & Safety legislation and requirements
  • Hazard managment
  • Writing a SWMS
  • Toolbox meetings
  • Using the supplied SWMS proforma
  • Using the supplied toolbox meeting proforma 
Roof Trusses - 16/17 October
Roof Trusses - 16/17 October
Course Details
Date 16 October 2018 - 17 October 2018
Time 5.30pm to 8.30pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost $315 for members/$405 for non-members


Building Work Supervisors are required to undertake this course as a result of the Minister’s Truss Taskforce and the Development (Trusses) Variation Regulations 2010 under the Development Act.

The course includes information on the Development Act powers of entry, expiation notice process and mandated approval and inspection requirements.

It also covers all timber and steel truss installation requirements, including wall and roof framing. You will learn what can (and has) gone wrong with existing installations and how to prevent such failures in the future.

PLEASE NOTE: Building Work Supervisors must be registered with Consumer and Business Services. Other participants such as Certifiers, Local Government Inspectors, Trades and Designers have no prerequisites.


  • Changes to the application, inspection and certification process and use of advisory notes, schedules and Regulation requirements
  • Use of checklists for approvals and inspections
  • Implementation of Minister’s Taskforce recommendations
  • Framing Systems and other related standards
  • Diagonal bracing, top and bottom chord bracing, web ties, truss connections and girder brackets, load and non-load bearing walls
  • Batten Splicing at critical locations
Contracts Management Training - Understanding the Meaning of Contracts - 17 October
Contracts Management Training - Understanding the Meaning of Contracts - 17 October
Course Details
Date Wednesday 17 October 2018
Time 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost $150 for members/$300 for non-members


In our experience, there is a growing need for participants in the constuction industry to have and understanding of how contracts work, what they mean, how they need to be managed and administered to protect the rights and meet obligations of their organisation.


  • Understanding the meaning of contracts
    - How do ambiguous contract terms get interpreted?
    - What if some of the contract was oral
    - What if plans get altered after tender
    - Partly written partly spoken contracts
    - What are implied terms?
    - Is there and obligation to act in good faith?
Construction of Buildings - Residential - 23-25 October
Construction of Buildings - Residential - 23-25 October
Course Details
Date 23 October 2018 - 25 October 2018
Time 5.30pm to 8.30pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost $350 (GST inc.) for members /$700 (GST inc.) for non-members


This course covers common building techniques and structural engineering practices used in the erection or demolition of low-rise residential structures and includes content on footings, framing and cladding. 


  • Identifying types of drawings and their purpose
  • Commonly-used symbols and abbreviations
  • Locating and identifying key features on a site plan and drawing
  • Identifying non-structural aspects of the specifications
Overcoming Adversity in the Building Industry - 16 October
Event Details
Date Tuesday 16 October 2018
Time 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Venue Duke of Brunswick, Gilbert Street  
Price Free   


Hear from our HiViZ Women Building SA Women in Construction Award Entrants, as they discuss how they have achieved success in their careers followed by a Q&A panel and the opportunity to network with your peers in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Drinks and Nibbles provided.
Master Builders SA Contractors Licensing Course - 27 October to 4 November
Master Builders SA Contractors Licensing Course - 27 October to 4 November
Course Details
Date 27 October 2018 - 4 November 2018
Time 8.30am to 4.30pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost $580 for members/$1000 for non-members


This course is designed for those who are preparing to apply for their Building Work Contractor’s Licence.

Recognised by Consumer & Business Services this course satisfies the training requirement of the Building Work Contractor’s Licence. It is an intensive four day course taught over two weekends which will allow you to apply for your license as soon as possible.
FREE IR evaluation
Master Builders SA offers free industrial and workplace relations evaluations to members to assist your business to comply with continually changing and complex workplace laws. Contact us today on 8211 7466 to arrange a comprehensive review of your business' employment practices.
Refer a Friend
Did you know that if you refer a friend to become a member and they do, you can get $100 off your membership renewal? Contact our membership team to find out more on 8211 7466 or
Non-Conforming Products - 31 October
Non-Conforming Products - 31 October
Course Details
Date Wednesday 31 October 2018
Time 5.30pm to 8.30pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost $250 for members/$499 for non-members


Over the last five years a number of non-conforming products have entered the Australian building market with disastrous results. A number of steps have been implemented by both federal government and state government to help prevent future catastrophic events occurring in Australia. This course will teach participants what non-conforming products look like and the actions our governments have undertaken over the last two years to protect the consumer.


  • The meaning of compliance and conformance
  • Builder's responsibilities
  • Government actions
  • Documentation requirements
Building Inspection and Report Writing - 20/21 November
Building Inspection and Report Writing - 20/21 November
Course Details
Date Tuesday 20 November 2018 - Wednesday 21 November 2018
Time 9.30am to 4.30pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost $775 for members/$1400 for non-members


This course gives participants the background knowledge and practical approach to carrying out pre-purchase and defect inspections and the related completion of comprehensive inspection reports to the required Australian Standard. This course is a way to capitalise on your building and construction knowledge and experience and provide additional income in a new field of work.

Participants are advised that proposals for industry licensing are likely to require appropriate industry experience and indemnity insurance requirements


  • Different inspection types
  • Processes and tools used during the inspection
  • Carrying out an on-site inspection
  • Common building faults
  • Duties of an inspector within the relevant legislation
  • Working to an Australian Standard
  • Planning and preparing the final reports
  • Appropriate wording of findings for inclusion in the final inspection report
FREE Members legal advice service
Master Builders SA is pleased to offer members a free face-to-face initial legal advice service for construction law matters. This service is provided by experts from leading South Australian construction law firm Fenwick Elliott Grace.

Members can seek advice in respect of a number of issues including contracts, disputes, industry specific matters, tenders and security of payment.

This service is available on the first Monday of each month at Master Builder SA, Level 1, 47 South Terrace Adelaide.

Contact the Industrial Relations Team on 8211 7466 to book your 20 minute session.
Contracts Management Training - Tenders and Tendering - 21 November
Contracts Management Training - Tenders and Tendering - 21 November
Course Details
Date Wednesday 21 November 2018
Time 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost $150 for members/$300 for non-members


In our experience, there is a growing need for participants in the construction industry to have and understanding of how contracts work, what they mean, how they need to be managed and administered to protect the rights and meet obligations of their organisation.


  • Tenders and tendering
  • Requests for tender on preliminary Drawings
  • Disclaimers in requests for tender
  • Unreliable information in tenders
  • Assessing tenders
  • Letters of intent
  • Accepting a tender
  • The status of tender negotiations
Wet Area Waterproofing - Internal - 27 November
Wet Area Waterproofing - Internal - 27 November
Course Details
Date 27 November 2018
Time 5.30pm to 8.30pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost Master Builders SA Member CITB Eligible $120/Master Builders SA Member CITB Ineligible $180/Non-member CITB Ineligible $300/Non-member CITB Eligible $240


An overwhelming majority of construction work failures are linked to faulty waterproofing. This course focuses on the Building Code of Australia (BCA), Australian Standard and Minister’s Specifications relating to waterproofing of wet areas.

You will learn installation methods, treatment, product application and best practice.


  • Common failures and reasons 
  • Wet area requirements under the BCA 
  • AS3740 Waterproofing of wet areas within residential buildings 
  • Minister’s Specifications 
  • Water proofing membranes 
  • Component to component compatibilities
Safe Work Month Forum - 31 October
Safe Work Month Forum - 31 October
Myth #1 Safety interferes with getting the job done

Myth #2 Safety management plans are too complicated

Myth #3 it's too hard to tell if I comply with the law

Attend the Master Builders SA Forum to debunk these myths and discuss other issues you see are important in the building and construction industry


Event Details
Date Wednesday 31 October 2018
Time 3.30pm to 5pm
Venue Master Builders SA - 47 South Terrace, Adelaide
Cost Free
OHS Alert: Updated National Heavy Vehicle Law - Chain of Responsibility requirements
The WHS-style chain-of-responsibility provisions of the Heavy Vehicle National Law commenced on Monday (1 October 2018), recognising that "every party in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain has a duty to ensure safety".

"The best way to do this is to have safety management systems and controls in place, such as business practices, training and procedures," National Heavy Vehicle Regulator CEO Sal Petroccitto said.

National Transport Commission acting chief executive Dr Geoff Allan said that in developing the reforms, the "priority was to create greater clarity and consistency of CoR laws while reinforcing that all parties who influence heavy vehicle safety must act responsibly".

"Operators, consignors, consignees and loading managers all have a role to help ensure road users can get home safely at the end of each day," Allan said.

"The reforms remove prescriptive obligations, providing greater flexibility for industry in how they achieve safety outcomes. They also encourage parties in the chain to be proactive in managing risks. This performance-based approach to regulation will underpin our upcoming review of the HVNL."

Introduced through a Bill in the HVNL's host jurisdiction Queensland two years ago, the reforms align the HVNL with the national model WHS Act by imposing safety duties on all parties that can influence or control on-road behaviour, and requiring company officers to exercise due diligence to ensure their companies comply with these duties.

Another change that commenced on Monday was making the failure to comply with the loading performance standards in the Load Restraint Guide an offence under the HVNL.

The NTC recently reviewed and updated the guide, but the NHVR is now responsible for maintaining the document.
SHEQ Alert - Construction Dust
This alert is to highlight the significant health risks caused by exposure to respirable crystalline silica (RCS).

What is RCS?

RCS is silica dust and is found in stone, rock, sand, gravel, and clay. RCS can be found in (but not limited to) the following products:

  • bricks  
  • tiles
  • concrete 
  • cement fiber board 
 When these materials are cut, drilled, ground, or sanded, or when dry materials, eg cement powder are shoveled or mixed, RCS is released as a fine dust. RCS is harmful when inhaled and because it is 100 times smaller than a grain of sand, you can breathe it in without knowing it or seeing it.

What happens when you breathe in RCS?

Exposure to RCS can lead to the development of:

  • lung cancer; 
  • fibrosis (scarring of the lung tissue);
  • silicosis (an irreversible scarring and stiffening of the lungs);
  • kidney disease; and 
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 
It is estimated that 230 people develop lung cancer each year as a result of past exposure to RCS at work.

To find out more, CLICK HERE.
White Ribbon 'Breaking the Silence' Breakfast - 23 November
Event Details
Date Friday 23 November 2018
Time 6.45am to 9am
Venue Adelaide Convention Centre
Cost $50


We are proud to be participating in this year's Adelaide White Ribbon Breakfast to hear how young people are "Breaking the Silence" on domestic violence being held at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Come and join us to hear how young people can influence our future - it's in safe hands!

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets are limited to 30 - so book today!
Special offer for members
Special offer for members
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If you want to improve your professionalism and get more business, offering customers a professional phone solution (and even a 1300 number) is a good way to start. Spoke makes all that simple. And if you sing up using the Master Builders SA referral link (below), you will get a $100 credit added on your account.

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