The best of the best

Each year Master Builders SA selects the best 12 apprentices, one per month, to contest for the title of “Apprentice of the Year”.

The selection process consists of

  • Feedback from Hosts, Field Officers, MBASA and Trade School
  • Onsite performance, skill and knowledge development
  • Understanding of WHS issues and compliance
  • Further study and Professional Development
  • Understanding of Sound Business Management Practises
  • Leadership and mentoring skills with other apprentices and work colleagues
  • Future Goals and Aspirations in the Construction Industry
  • Sporting and community Achievements

The highly sought after title of ‘Apprentice of the Year’ offers

  • Recognition with established members of the Construction Industry
  • Enhanced future employment and career opportunities
  • Opportunities for other State based and National Training Awards

The Master Builders SA Apprentice of the Year will go on to represent South Australia at the Master Builders National Awards.

Congratulations Guy Hewton-Lamph

Apprentice of the Year 2017

Congratulations Guy Hewton-Lamph

Guy Hewton - Lamph is 22 years old and is currently in his third year as an apprentice carpenter. Building and Construction has been a strong passion of his and a big part of his life for the past several years.

Leaving school early in 2011 Guy began to pursue his goals by studying a certificate IV in Residential Drafting. Once he completed his Drafting course he then went on to further studies and began to study a triple Certificate IV in Building, Estimating and Site Management.

After a year of full-time studying Guy decided to cut back to part-time so that he could apply for an apprenticeship and gain the practical skills he needed for the future. Master Builders SA employed Guy as an apprentice in 2014.

For the past three years Guy has been on a steep learning curve gaining both practical and theoretical experience in the Building and construction industry. Through dedication and time management skills Guy completed the triple certificates in September 2016.

Terry Johansen (Genemax) has been Guy’s host employer since the start of his apprenticeship, and has over 30 years’ experience working in the Building and Construction industry. Guy’s relationship with Terry is established to the point that Terry is considering succession planning using Guy to continue to run his business when Terry retires in the future.

Guy feels lucky to be learning from someone with so much knowledge. With the skills and knowledge Terry is passing down to Guy, Guy hopes to one day be able to do the same thing and train up his own apprentices.

Guy’s future aspirations are to own and run his own business. Within the next five years Guy hopes to establish his building business, producing quality and reliable work.

Guy’s trade school (N.E.V.C), combined with his onsite learning has given him the confidence that he will be able to perform not only to national standards but standards that will make his business competitive in a growing industry.

Guy has his own investment property which he is currently redeveloping; submitting documents and statements himself due to financial constraints of having a professional complete this work for him. After nine months of submitting planning requirements the extension is in its final stages of gaining approval.

Guy’s straightforward approach to site safety is impressive. He is very conscious of correct processes, site set up, the benefits of a clean site, and the need to do it right the first time. Guy understand that good preparation results in a good build, free of errors.

Guy also shows a passion for helping others – he enjoys assisting other apprentices to upskill.

Guy’s commitment to the industry and day to day reliability, willingness to learn as well as understanding and adhering to site safety requirements all contribute to Guy being awarded the Master Builders SA’s Apprentice of the Year 2017 

Congratulations Liam Fischer

Apprentice of the Month - March 2018

Congratulations Liam Fischer

Liam became a MBASA Apprentice because he wanted security within his apprenticeship and knew that a Group Training Organisation like Master Builders, would be the best way for his beginning years. Liam wanted to do an apprenticeship so that he could learn basic skills and work his way through learning more about his specific trade each day. For Liam, doing an apprenticeship means that he will have a trade qualification behind him for the rest of his life.

"I enjoy being an apprentice because I get to learn from all different tradesmen and they are willing to allow time for me to work and learn at the same time. I’m always interested in being shown different ways to complete tasks within the trade. I enjoy being an apprentice in the commercial side of the industry because I can see how buildings are built, designed and can see the final product."

"Once completing my apprenticeship I would like to go and do further study at university in Building Management/Estimating or Engineering. I would also like to start building my own house and continue learning new skills as I am now."

"I would like to thank Steve Noski at Piotto Interiors for giving me the chance to become an apprentice and for having such a good group of co-workers. I would like to thank my tradesmen who are helping me throughout my apprenticeship, my supervisors Josh, Tim and Luke, and my family for all the loving and caring support I get 24/7."

Safety is key for Liam and he makes sure to identify potential hazards before each task and always make sure that he is set up to work safe, constantly checking for hazards around his work site.

Liam is a very well respected apprentice within his host company. Liam is a respectful, mature and hardworking apprentice. Liam has a high skill level and regularly works beyond the standard expected at the current stage of his apprenticeship. Liam undertakes instruction well and also has the ability the undergo self-directed work. Liam always does his TAKE-5 form prior to commencing work, completes his profiling cards and maintains good communication. Well done Liam.

Photo from Left: Josh Daumann (Piotto Interiors Supervisor), Liam Fischer, George Fotopoulos (Banner Mitre 10)

Congratulations Angus Bell

Apprentice of the Month - February 2018

Congratulations Angus Bell

Angus Bell is a third year apprentice carpenter currently working for Richard Hayden Carpentry.

Angus became an apprentice because he tried university for a while and realised it wasn’t for him. Angus began to work with some family who are tradesman and really enjoyed the work.

Angus enjoys being outside every day and working in different locations. Angus also likes learning new techniques and problem solving tasks.

Angus would like to continue to do his second fix and eaves for a while eventually starting his own business and employing apprentices.

Angus would like to thank his Field Coordinator Gareth for the nomination and Richard Hayden for employing him for the past two years and training him well and trusting him to work independently on site. And thanks to Banner Mitre 10 for the $100 gift voucher.

Safety means that Angus gets to home every night uninjured and his future health is not at risk

Angus has shown that he is extremely competent carpenter over the past year. He is very reliable and follows instruction well. No doubt Angus will become and exceptionally good tradesman by the time he completes his apprentice and will have a very bright future in the building trade.

Congratulations Blake Zobel

Apprentice of the Month - January 2018

Congratulations Blake Zobel

Blake is a mature-age first year apprentice with Master Builders SA. Blake has had careers in various industries and was looking for a new and sustainable path. Having a trade qualification that will be useful for the rest of his career was also important.

Blake enjoys being in an industry where something is built from the ground up, or restored inside and out by professionals who he can learn from.

When qualified Blake would like to have my own small business & continue to expand on the skills he is currently learning.

"I would like to thank my host employers Geoff Fairweather and James Davies for giving me this opportunity, along with my family for supporting me and Master Builders SA for employing me."

Blake is a hardworking mature-aged Carpentry apprentice. He consistently does his daily “Take-5” form with great detail and attention to site safety hazards. He performs well on site and demonstrates a practical skill level beyond the expectation of a first-year apprentice. Blake is a great communicator and follows all of Master Builders SA’s policies and procedures and in doing so has been awarded Apprentice of the month for January.

Congratulations Sam Lee-Gunkel

Apprentice of the Month - December 2017

Congratulations Sam Lee-Gunkel

Sam is a 3rd year Carpentry Apprentice for Sakar Construction in the residential and commercial building industry.

Sam became an apprentice because he enjoys working outdoors and the satisfaction of seeing a finished project. With Sakar Construction he gets to work on a variety of different jobs and is gaining a wide range of skills

Sam would like to eventually start his own business.

"I would like to thank my Field Coordinator Gareth nominating me for apprentice of the month. Thank you to Darius Hashemi for employing me and spending the time training me to become a good carpenter."

"I would also like to thank my family for their support over the last three years."

Sam has a great work ethic and very solid carpentry skills. He takes on all tasks with great passion and strives to be the best apprentice carpenter he can be. Sam is one of the most reliable apprentices with completing his daily Take 5 and My Profiling. Sam has a big future ahead of him in the carpentry and building industry. 

Congratulations Allan Sorongon

Apprentice of the Month - November 2017

Congratulations Allan Sorongon

Allan is a third year painting and decorating apprentice and works for CB Painting Services in the commercial building industry.

Allan became an apprentice because he enjoys painting and likes the accomplishment of seeing the finished project.

Once he completes his apprenticeship, Allan would like to eventually start his own business and one day employ his own apprentices.  

"I would firstly like to thank Spencer Carter for taking me on as an apprentice and teaching me how to be a good tradesman. I would like to thank my Field Coordinator Gareth Hampshire, my host Lawrence Carter and my family for their support over the last three years."

Allan arrives on site with enthusiasm and really enjoys the work he does. He receives great feedback from his trade school teachers, supervisors and his host Spencer Carter. His host on numerous occasions has asked if we could clone Allan. Well Done Allan. 

Congratulations Andrew Adams

Apprentice of the Month - October 2017

Congratulations Andrew Adams

Andrew is currently working for Trewstone as a forth year bricklayer on commercial building sites.

He became an apprentice because he enjoyed working outside and with his hands.


Once he completes his apprenticeship Andrew would like to move into Site Management or Property Management.  

"I would like to thank my Field Coordinator Gareth Hampshire and all the staff at the Master Builders SA. I would also like to thank Mark at Trewstone for taking me on as an apprentice and being able to work with good quality tradesman."

Andrew has really flourished in his last year of his apprenticeship. Since moving to Trewstone, Andrew has excelled as a bricklayer, winning the South Australian Worldskills competition. Andrew competed against 12 other Bricklaying apprentices to walk away with the Gold Medal in his field. Congratulations Andrew!

Congratulations Kyle Clarke

Apprentice of the Month - September 2017

Congratulations Kyle Clarke

Kyle is a first year apprentice carpenter, currently working for Kolen Carpentry in their factory at Panorama and on commercial building sites.

Kyle became an apprentice because he enjoys working with his hands. And decided to do an apprenticeship because it appealed to Klye to to get paid to learn and earn a qualification at the same time.

"There are so many aspects of carpentry that I learn something new everyday."

"Once I complete my apprenticeship I would like to continue working my way up through the ranks into Site Management."

"I would like to thank my Field Coordinator Gareth Hampshire and everyone at Master Builders SA for making the start of my apprenticeship warm and welcoming. I would also like to thank Kolen Carpentry for providing me with an opportunity to become an apprentice and providing me with the training I need to become a skilled tradesperson."

 Kyle goes above and beyond at work and brings a desire and eagerness to learn everyday. Kyle has a passion for the industry and is extremely safety conscious, being the most consistent apprentice completing his daily Take 5.  Kyle has proven to be a very reliable and astute young man and will make a great tradesperson in the future.

Congratulations Matthew Ludwig

Apprentice of the Month - August 2017

Congratulations Matthew Ludwig

Having already completed his qualifications as a bricklayer Matthew was keen to further his skills and expand his knowledge of the building industry knowing this would help him achieve his goal to become a well-respected quality builder in Adelaide.

"I am constantly learning new skills and enjoy being able to use them on a daily basis. You get a lot of satisfaction when you can see the end product.

I am very proud to have been named AOM and would like to thank Master Builders and Steve Wheeler for his support. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Kemp Carpenters for the knowledge and experience I have gained whilst I have been with them."

Matthew has always enjoyed being hands on and create something out of nothing and seeing the end result and believes there is nothing better than being able to learn new skills and see hard work pay off! 

Matthew's ultimate goal is to be a well-respected and qualified builder in SA

Matthew came to Master Builders SA already qualified as a brick layer. Since joining our team as an apprentice chippy in March 2015 he has quietly got on with his work ticking the boxes for effort, appearance, correct PPE and willingness to follow new procedures. Matthew is  very focused of his goal to become an all-round builder. 

Congratulations Keegan Hogarth

Apprentice of the Month - July 2017

Congratulations Keegan Hogarth

Keegan is a third year apprentice carpenter, currently working for Broaden carpentry doing residential first and second fix carpentry.

Keegan became an apprentice because he wanted to learn how to build houses, after grewing up around carpentry with his dad who did small projects on their family home.

"I enjoy the physical aspects of working as carpenter, working outdoors and keeping fit. I also enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done."

"Once I complete my apprenticeship I would like to travel overseas using my carpentry skills to help fund my travelling."

"I would like to thank my parents for their support and I would also like to thank Mark Evans and Sean Emery from Broaden for their guidance and training while at work."

Keegan is a great apprentice, he is passionate about the work he does and has become an integral part of the Broaden Carpentry team. He is continuing to develop his skills as a carpenter and will be an excellent tradesman once he has completed his apprenticeship.

Congratulations Jake Flamank

Apprentice of the Month - June 2017

Congratulations Jake Flamank

Jake has nearly completed his forth year, and  still enjoys the work as much as he did when he first completed work experience with a family friend.

"I really enjoy working outdoors with my hands and viewing the finished frame with a feeling of practical achievement motivates me to do it again and again."

"I would like to thank Master Builders SA for the privilege of being awarded Apprentice of the month for June."

"Also, a big thank you to  my host Neil Dickson of Dickson Quality Constructions for the guidance, advice and skills to further my career in carpentry."

Post apprenticeship, Jake intend to stay with his host as a ‘tradie’ as the gang works well together.

Ultimately Jake hopes to use the skills he has learnt from his host Neil to start his own first fix framing business.

Over his 4 years with us Jake has not lost the love and enthusiasm he had for carpentry, indeed I think he is one of the few people I know who doesn’t have a job, rather, a hobby or a passion that earns him money. No greater example of this is the fact that on completion Jake will have had less than 5 sick days in four years.

Jake has been a pleasure to have as one of our apprentices and he has matured into a very competent young tradesman.

Congratulations Jayden Depinto

Apprentice of the Month - May 2017

Congratulations Jayden Depinto

Jayden is a third year Carpenter currently working for SA Construct, working on large scale commercial construction sites.

Growing up and going through school he really loved doing carpentry work and working with his hands. Jayden also enjoyed working in a team environment and thought there was no better way to bring those two things together than becoming an Apprentice carpenter.

"I like working in the construction industry as no two jobs are the same and I get to work and meet new people from day to day. I really enjoy getting stuck into my work and stepping back at the end of a job, feeling a sense of achievement that I’ve built something I can be proud of."

"Once I complete my apprenticeship I would like to stay with SA Construct and work as a tradesman, as they are a great company to work for. Further down the track I would like to work for myself running a small building and construction business with my twin brother."

"I would like to thank the Master Builders for the nomination of apprentice of the month and the support and guidance they have given me over the past two years working as an apprentice."

Jayden is an extremely safety conscious worker and believes that working safely means he can go to work and come home every day to see his loved ones and enjoy hanging out with his friends on the weekends. 

Congratulations Alex Brown

Apprentice of the Month - April 2017

Congratulations Alex Brown

Alex has a wide range of experience but found his niche with formwork.

He has been a steady apprentice and has embraced the opportunity to develop his skills and knowledge with a Certificate IV through Master Builders SA.

His intention is to stay with his current host when he completes and they are keen to keep him and he is now mentoring a new MBA SA apprentice at his host company. 

Alex said he is honoured to be MBA April Apprentice of the month.

"I have been an apprentice for nearly 4 years and having your hard work recognized for the second time is always a good feeling. I will strive to maintain the standard that MBA and Liftform have helped me achieve for the rest of my apprenticeship and for the years that follow."

Congratulations Jordan Cullen

Safety Award

Congratulations Jordan Cullen

Master Builders SA first-year Wall and Ceiling Apprentice, Jordan Cullen recently received a safety award from Built Construction.

When working on a Hindley Street development, Jordan noticed that a screw had penetrated some wires. Whilst others encouraged him to just remove the screw, Jordan knew better and alerted the builder.

The wire was tested by an electrician and not found to be live, however Jordan's diligence for safety was rewarded. Jordan's host employer is Piotto Interiors.  


Master Builders SA Apprentices: Receiving CITB funding assistance.