The best of the best

Each year Master Builders SA selects the best 12 apprentices, one per month, to contest for the title of “Apprentice of the Year”.

The Master Builders SA Apprentice of the Year will go on to represent South Australia at the Master Builders National Awards.

Apprentice of the Year 2018

Matthew Ludwig

Field: Carpentry

Commencement: 04/03/2015

Current Host: Kemp Carpenters

Apprentice Comments:

Matthew is a hard-working and driven Carpentry apprentice who always has positive feedback from his host Kemp Carpenters Pty / Ltd, stating that he has a high skill level, sound practical knowledge, is punctual and his work ethic is exceptional. Matthew works incredibly well as part of a team, and also has the ability to undertake self-directed work.

Post his apprenticeship Matthew would like to obtain his Builders and supervisors license so he can do his own extension and renovation works.

MBASA Comments:

Judges were impressed with his enthusiasm, his commitment to safety and his drive to achieve, having clear plans and financial strategies already in place.

Matthew places an enormous emphasis on safety for himself and others on site. Matthew displays great knowledge and skills in hazard and risk assessment.

Previously to starting his apprenticeship Matthew worked as a qualified Bricklayer. Matthew has taken it upon himself to enrol and complete several courses in order to better prepare himself post his apprenticeship.

Matthew is very studious and has a good reputation at his trade school, ATEC with his trainers for his skill, knowledge and work ethic.

May 2019

Liam Fischer     

Field: Wall and Ceiling Lining

Commencement: 27/11/2016

Current Host: Piotto Interiors

Apprentice Comments:

I became a MBA apprentice was so that I could have security within my first years of learning my trade. I became an apprentice so I could learn everything from basic skills to everything a tradesman needs to know and so I could be taught the correct way. Throughout my 3 years I have learnt multiple skills and tasks that even some tradesman wouldn’t have done. I would recommend an MBASA apprenticeship because throughout my years I haven’t had to worry about having work from week to week and always had the support of MBASA when I needed it.

MBASA Comments:

Liam always has a positive attitude to others and his work on site. Liam is hardworking, reliable and never afraid to ask questions and learn new skills. Liam always follows MBA polices and procures and is a valued member of the Piotto Interiors team. Liam takes on extra responsibility and can deliver under pressure.

April 2019

Blake Zobel

Field: Carpentry

Commencement: 27/07/2017

Current Host: Concrete Geometry

Apprentice Comments:

I took on my apprenticeship to gain the skills and knowledge needed to have a career in the building industry, and a lifelong qualification. Working as an apprentice with MBA GTS has enabled me to experience the full scope of the trade. I have worked with 3-4 host employers in different areas of the trade which has given me a large range of skills and experience. Furthermore, the support of the Field coordinators and the strong emphasis on safety makes for a smooth and well-structured working environment.  

MBASA Comments:

Blake has consistently impressed all his hosts on each of his placements. Blake has mature approach and communicates well with colleagues, clients and other trades on site. Blake has a strong passion to learn and is enthusiastic about all challenges he faces on site.

March 2019

Taylor Riley

Field: Carpentry

Commencement: 01/07/2015

Current Host: Madd Carpentry

Apprentice Comments:

I have learnt to be become responsible and accountable through my commitment to the job. I enjoy having the opportunity to work in a group with one goal in mind – to get the job done quickly, safely and to a high standard. I plan to continue working as a first fix carpenter and in the near future to run my own business as a first fix carpentry subcontractor.

MBASA Comments:

Taylor has consistently received positive feedback from his host. He is respectful, hardworking and an effective communicator. Taylor is the most experienced of the 3 MBASA apprentices at this host and shows good leadership on site. Taylor goes about his trade with an enthusiastic approach and is always eager to ask questions and learn new skills on site. Taylor performs well at Trade school and follows all MBASA policies and procedures and completes his Daily Take 5 with great detail with excellent hazard risk assessment techniques.  

February 2019

Jack Chase

Field: Carpentry

Commencement: 25/02/2016

Current Host: Timberwolf Construction

Apprentice Comments:

I’ve always been interested in working in the building and construction industry and I knew I wanted to do something hands on instead of being stuck in an office all day. I realised being an apprentice would be a great way to help me start my career in carpentry. In the future I would like to own my own business renovating houses. 

MBASA Comments:

Jack has shown a great deal of commitment and positive attitude towards his work set out by his Host employer. Jack also shows a great deal of respect towards his peers and takes his work very seriously by being in control of his profiling and Take 5. 

January 2019

Wade Muchenberg

Field: Carpentry

Commencement: 18/05/2015

Current Host: Mark Jarvinen

Apprentice Comments:

I’m quite happy with what I do at the moment, but one day hopefully I’ll be able to run my own carpentry business once I get a few more years of experience in the field.

MBASA Comments:

Wade continues to develop and grow as a carpenter. He needs little guidance or support from MBA and is happy to solve problems by himself before asking for support. He follows all MBASA polices and procures and consistently has positive feedback from Trade school. Wade takes it upon himself to always complete his Take 5’s and site inductions.  Wade has a positive can do attitude and is always grateful that he is out doing carpentry work.

December 2018

Wyatt Pietrobon

Field: Carpentry

Commencement: 15/01/2016

Current Host: Mitcon Formwork

Apprentice Comments:

My goal once I’ve fully completed my apprenticeship is to continue work in commercial formwork, hopefully working up the ranks and eventually into management. I also want to flip properties on the side, using first and second fix carpentry skills.

MBASA Comments:

Wyatt has settled into the construction industry rapidly and developed the necessary hand skills to successfully complete formwork on commercial sites. He is a reliable and hardworking apprentice who is eager to learn new skills. Wyatt is a great communicator with his colleagues on site and MBA. He consistently performs at a high standard.

November 2018

Kyle Clarke

Field: Carpentry

Commencement: 16/01/2017

Current Host: Buch Constructions

Apprentice Comments:

Upon completion of my apprenticeship I plan to work in second fix commercial, as I enjoy that side of the industry. However, I would not turn down any other areas of this trade as I am forever eager to learn new skills.  

MBASA Comments: 

Kyle is a valued member of the MBA GTS. Kyle has settled into this placement with great determination to focus on his second fix skills and adapt to the fast paced commercial working environment. Kyle is reliable and has the ability to work as part of a team or through a self-directed workload. 

October 2018

Matthew Schmidt

Field: Carpentry

Commencement: 29/11/2017

Current Host: Genemax

Apprentice Comments:

Upon completion of my apprenticeship, I plan to work as a first fix carpenter for a few years to gain some more knowledge and experience, but then eventually join the police force.

MBASA Comments:

Matthew is a respectful and hardworking apprentice. In recent months Matthew has demonstrated the ability to take on advice and use feedback as platform to improve himself. Matthew always show an eagerness to learn and pushes himself to learn new skills.

September 2018

Sarah Collier

Field: Carpentry

Commencement: 11/05/2015

Current Host: AJ Carpentry

Apprentice Comments:

I would like to continue my working career with AJ Carpenters, utilising the skills and knowledge I have gained through my apprenticeship to further my career and  maybe one day commence my own business.

MBASA Comments:

Sarah has consistently proven herself to be a hard-working apprentice, with a passion to learn new skills and always push herself whilst on site. Sarah always follows MBA policies and procedures and has a mature approach in her workmanship. She is a very approachable apprentice who will be very successful in the future.

August 2019

Mitchell Vickers

Field: Carpentry

Commencement: 10/08/2015

Current Host: RTC Group

Apprentice Comments:

After completing my apprenticeship, I plan to continue working with the company I am with if the opportunity is available. Using the skills I have gained throughout my apprenticeship I hope to build extensions/work on my house in the future. It has always been a goal of mine to start up my own business at some point. I would like to mainly do second fix installations, as I feel there is more variety in that side of the trade.

MBASA Comments:

Mitchell is a great communicator and very professional in all aspects of his work approach. He is hard working and always keen to take on new responsibilities. Mitchell has a passion for his work and has a great future ahead of him.

July 2019

Jai Freeman

Field: Carpentry

Commencement: 18/09/2016

Current Host: SA Construct

Apprentice Comments:
Upon completion of my apprenticeship I plan to work for SA Construct and to build a stable future for myself.

MBASA Comments:
Jai has consistently proven himself to be a hard working apprentice with a passion for learning new skills, and always motivates himself when on site. Jai is always working to achieve and be the best he can be at his trade.


Master Builders SA Apprentices: Receiving CITB funding assistance.