Congratulations Alex Brown

Apprentice of the Month - April 2017

Congratulations Alex Brown

Alex has a wide range of experience but found his niche with formwork.

He has been a steady apprentice and has embraced the opportunity to develop his skills and knowledge with a Certificate IV through Master Builders SA.

His intention is to stay with his current host when he completes and they are keen to keep him and he is now mentoring a new MBA SA apprentice at his host company. 

Alex said he is honoured to be MBA April Apprentice of the month.

"I have been an apprentice for nearly 4 years and having your hard work recognized for the second time is always a good feeling. I will strive to maintain the standard that MBA and Liftform have helped me achieve for the rest of my apprenticeship and for the years that follow."

Congratulations Casey McFarlane

Apprentice of the Month - March 2017

Congratulations Casey McFarlane

Casey came down from the country knocking on Master Builders SA's door keen to become an Apprentice bricklayer. Casey was a shy lad but showed plenty of enthusiasm especially having to drive from Murray Bridge every day.

Casey started with a new Master Builders SA host who had him doing the basics of bricklaying straight away - he soon perfected those skills and progressed to laying bricks and again picked that skill up quickly whereby his host was able to have him work with minimal supervision.

Casey aspires to have his own business once he completes his apprenticeship.




Congratulations William Christie

Apprentice of the Month - February 2017

Congratulations William Christie

William Christie grew up helping his mum and dad renovate the house and tend to the gardens - it is something he never lost an interest in.

After he finished high school he knew he wanted to work in the construction industry and successfully completed a Certificate IV and Diploma in Building and Construction Management with Master Builders SA in his first year.

After deciding he wanted to become a Carpenter, he undertook his first year as an Apprentice working with Master Builders SA member and host, Kemp Carpenters. Only just recently he has begun working as a Junior Site Foreman with Hansen Yuncken – a fantastic opportunity to progress his career.

Billy was awarded Apprentice of the Month for February for his diligence and hard work. “Billy set his goals out some time ago when he started the Certificate IV in Building and Construction,” said Master Builders SA Field Officer Steve Wheeler.

“He immersed himself in the many aspects of maintenance and host apprentice Kemp Carpenters was disappointed to lose him when he moved on to Hansen Yuncken.”

Congratulations Adam Preece

Apprentice of the Month - January 2017

Congratulations Adam Preece

January Apprentice of the Month is Adam Preece - a fourth-year carpentry apprentice with Master Builders SA. Adam's Host Employer is TAK Construction.

Adam said the following after being notified of his award:

"I feel very privileged to be nominated for Apprentice of the Month. It confirmed for me that my Apprenticeship was on the right track. I would like to thank Lyndon Mills for always being very helpful with any questions and queries I have had about my apprenticeship.

I would like to say a big thank you to my host Greg Nelson from TAK CONSTRUCTION who has given me so much encouragement to continue learning my trade.”

Congratulations Matthew Heading

Apprentice of the Month - December 2016

Congratulations Matthew Heading

According to his Field Officers, Matthew Heading is polite and easy to manage. Becoming a father in his first year, he continued to work hard and is now a proud father of two. He continues to impress both his host and his Field Officer and has been awarded Apprentice of the Month for December for his consistent effort over the course of his apprenticeship. 

"Being named Apprentice of the Month for December 2016 is a huge honour and has encouraged me to continue learning and improve as I progress further to completing my apprenticeship in the coming year," Matthew said. 

"Firstly I would like to thank Master Builders Association of SA and Steve Wheeler, my Field Officer for this award and everything else the MBA has done to make my apprenticeship as seamless as possible.

"I would also like to thank my host, Mark Bean, from Emmark Constructions. It took me a while to find my feet when I first started in the trade early on, but Mark has been really patient and continues to help and support me to become a better carpenter.

I really look forward to seeing what this coming year has in store for me and what my future holds as a carpenter tradesmen."

Congratulations Ben Woodall

Apprentice of the Month - November 2016

Congratulations Ben Woodall

November Apprentice of the Month has been awarded to Ben Woodall - recognising his overall performace and his commitment to continual performance. Ben's Host, Tim Hilton said that Ben's knowledge and skills are on par with his other tradesmen and that there seems nothing he can't do. 

"I became interested in becoming an apprentice carpenter from an early age, predominantly due to my Dad owning his own carpentry business in which I helped during the school holidays," Ben said.

"I enjoy many parts of my apprenticeship including working with others, using my hands to perform tasks but most of all learning new skills to help me in the future. 

To me, being nominated means that both Lyndon and my host employer Tim Hilton, feel that I am on the right track to becoming a qualified carpenter. This gives me enormous confidence in myself to continue on with my apprenticeship.

I would like to thank Lyndon Mills for overseeing me as my Field Officer, Tim Hilton for teaching me all the necessary skills involved in the carpentry trade and also my parents for whenever I ask on them for help.

I aspire to finish my apprenticeship and start my own carpentry company. I would like to have a team of my own and develop a successful carpentry business in Adelaide," he said.

Congratulations Cameron Barrett

Apprentice of the Month - October 2016

Congratulations Cameron Barrett

Cameron Barrett is a well-mannered apprentice with plenty of enthusiasm to learn. He has been awarded Apprentice of the Month for October for his mature attitude and his willingness to take on board constructive criticism and absorb changes.

"Being nominated for apprentice of the month is something I feel very proud about. After having a rough start to my apprenticeship cutting my finger with a circular saw I feel like I've settled in well with Emmark Constructions," Cameron said.

"My host employer, Mark Bean has been an excellent teacher and very encouraging over the last 2 years which I'm very thankful for.

I would also like to thanks Master Builders for giving me the opportunity to do an apprenticeship.

At the completion of my apprenticeship in July next year I intend to stay on with Emmark Constructions to continue my development as a carpenter and gain more knowledge about the building industry," he said.

Congratulations Daniel Redden

Apprentice of the Month - September 2016

Congratulations Daniel Redden

Daniel Redden grew up on a small farm near the town of Stansbury on the Yorke Peninsula and completed all his schooling from R-12 at Yorketown Area School.

Daniel had always looked towards working in the building and construction industry and managed to secure a carpentry apprenticeship in Adelaide privately. 

After a rough first year to his apprenticeship he was directed to Master Builders SA.

"After a rough start to my first year, my friends and family pointed me in the direction of Master Builders SA.

"Joining the Association has been an incredible experience and I wouldn't be where I am today without their help," he said. 

"Id like to thank my parents, Dean and Cheryl for their continuous support. I'd also like to thank Tom Noble, Wayne, Lyndon Mills and Keith Jasper and the team at Kolen Caprentry where I am currently working and gaining valuable knowledge.

"Being awarded Apprentice of the Month is an incredible honour and I cannot thank everyone enough who has had an influence on me so far."

Congratulations Guy Hewton-Lamph

Apprentice of the Month - August 2016

Congratulations Guy Hewton-Lamph

Apprentice of the Month Guy Hewton-Lamph says his apprenticeship is the start of a big career.

I have been with the same host throughout my apprenticeship, and they are giving me the knowledge and skills needed to one day go out on my own and run my own business,” he said.

“Being nominated apprentice of the month reinforces my career choice and gives me more incentive to strive for excellence in this pathway.”

Guy says he followed his father and grandfather, who were both carpenters, and left school to complete a Certificate IV in Residential Drafting. He recently added a triple Certificate IV in Building, Estimating and Site Management to further build his capability for future employers.

Field officer Steve Wheeler said Guy’s attitude was key to winning this award.

“He received this award for good attitude, great feedback from host, commitment to the industry and carpentry, day to day reliability and willingness to learn and adhere to WHS requirements,” he said.

“Guy has also recently completed a triple Certificate IV and is still only a third year!”

Guy is working with Genamax Operating.

Congratulations Matthew Perkins

Apprentice of the Month - July 2016

Congratulations Matthew Perkins

Matthew took up carpentry because it allowed him to work outdoors and to be on different sites while still learning every day.

“I started a TAFE course leading towards carpentry when I was in school and I was lucky enough to secure an apprenticeship in carpentry and have enjoyed it ever since,” he said.

Matt has grown throughout his placements, first starting as “a quiet, shy lad” and now being acknowledged as a confident man “willing to give things a go”.

Matt has thanked is hosts for teaching him the skills to improve his professionalism.

Congratulations Jordan Cullen

Safety Award

Congratulations Jordan Cullen

Master Builders SA first-year Wall and Ceiling Apprentice, Jordan Cullen recently received a safety award from Built Construction.

When working on a Hindley Street development, Jordan noticed that a screw had penetrated some wires. Whilst others encouraged him to just remove the screw, Jordan knew better and alerted the builder.

The wire was tested by an electrician and not found to be live, however Jordan's diligence for safety was rewarded. Jordan's host employer is Piotto Interiors.  

The best of the best

Each year Master Builders SA selects the best 12 apprentices, one per month, to contest for the title of “Apprentice of the Year”.

The selection process consists of

  • Feedback from Hosts, Field Officers, MBASA and Trade School
  • Onsite performance, skill and knowledge development
  • Understanding of WHS issues and compliance
  • Further study and Professional Development
  • Understanding of Sound Business Management Practises
  • Leadership and mentoring skills with other apprentices and work colleagues
  • Future Goals and Aspirations in the Construction Industry
  • Sporting and community Achievements

The highly sought after title of ‘Apprentice of the Year’ offers

  • Recognition with established members of the Construction Industry
  • Enhanced future employment and career opportunities
  • Opportunities for other State based and National Training Awards

The Master Builders SA Apprentice of the Year will go on to represent South Australia at the Master Builders National Awards.


Master Builders SA Apprentices: Receiving CITB funding assistance.