Apprentice Support Services

At Master Builders SA, we value our Apprentices - ensuring they get the support and guidance they need throughout the life of their apprenticeship is a key priority for us. 

Our team of qualified and experienced Apprentice Field Coordinators are always ready to help answer any questions and provide advice when needed.

External support services for Apprentices 

Depression & Anxiety Support Services

Legal Support Services - Legal Aid SA

Legal Services Commission 

Gender Specific Support Services

Government Support Services

UV Protection

Healthy Bites Newsletter - (an initiative of Group Training Australia (SA) Inc.)

September 2017 Issue - Mental Health Awareness

June 2017 Issue - Hydration

March 2017 Issue - Happiness

If you would like further information or advice please contact Kylie Cocks - Healthy Workers Adviser on 08 8346 2227.


Master Builders SA Apprentices: Receiving CITB funding assistance.