Build your business, hire the best

Build your business, hire the best

Apprentices are signed as employees of Master Builders SA under a Contract of Training, and are placed with “Host Trainers” who have a hosting arrangement with Master Builders SA for the purpose of increasing the on job skill, experience and knowledge base of the apprentices while gaining a nationally recognized trade qualification. The nominal term of the Contract of Training is typically 4 years for an Apprenticeship and 2 years for a Traineeship.

Master Builders SA Apprentices may be placed with a Host Trainer for any period between 1 week and 4 years. We employ apprentices in the following Trades:

  • Bricklaying
  • Carpentry / Joinery
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Solid Plastering
  • Wall and Ceiling Lining
  • Wall and Floor Tiling

Note: Other Trades will be considered to meet industry demand

Benefits include:

  • Competitive charge out rates with no hidden costs
  • Only pay for apprentices when working on site
  • Flexibility in choice of apprentices and year levels
  • Minimal administrative tasks
  • Master Builders SA will manage Wages, Allowances, RDO’s, Annual Leave, Superannuation, Sick Leave, Public Holidays, Trade School, PPE etc.
  • Not locked into a four year Contract of Training
  • Quality, productive apprentices
  • Long or short term placements
  • Flexibility of off-site Training Providers for the apprentice
  • On site visits and support from industry experienced Field Officers

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Master Builders SA Apprentices: Receiving CITB funding assistance.