Congratulations C & N Roberts

Host of the Month - November 2018

Congratulations C & N Roberts

Craig Roberts is the owner of C and N Roberts. Craig has 3 employees and has been in the industry for 26 years. Craig’s business predominantly does custom built carpentry in the Adelaide metro area. C and N Roberts has been a member since 2000 and have consistently placed MBA apprentices since then. Craig believes the advantages of the MBA group training scheme is that MBA attempts to match suitable apprentices with specific host needs. Craig places a strong emphasis on safety and high quality workmanship

As pictured: Doohan Johnson, Craig Roberts and Daniel Benson.

Congratulations J Frew Painting & Decorating

Host of the Month - October 2018

Congratulations J Frew Painting & Decorating

J Frew Painting & Decorating is a small business consisting of 5-6 workers. The owner, John Frew, has been in the painting industry for 30 years – with 21 of those in Adelaide. The company specialises in repaints and restorations but also work commercially painting nursing homes, schools and hospitals.

They have been taking on Master Builders SA Apprentices since 2009.

John believes that the biggest benefit of being a part of the Master Builders GTO scheme is that all the administration in regards to the apprentice is taken out of his hands and is instead handled by Master Builders SA. This allows more free time out of the office for himself and his family.

Most of the company’s work in recent years has been for private customers, through word of mouth. The main builders the company works for are Adelaide Prestige Homes and NeilRobson Construct – both of which build premium quality homes and additions.

Congratulations Tim Hilton Constructions

Host of the Month - September 2018

Congratulations Tim Hilton Constructions

Tim Hilton Constructions currently has 10 employees. 

Tim has been in the industry for 22 years and his business predominantly conducts

1st & 2nd Fix Commercial Carpentry Contracting. Tim Hilton constructions has placed MBA apprentices for 8 years and his business have been a member for 10. Tim believes that some of the biggest positives and benefits of Master Builders GTO scheme is the support that they show the apprentices. They work in well to find the right placement and best fit for our business when providing us with an apprentice.

They also show strong support for both the host employer as well as the apprentice. Tim Hilton Constructions is currently working for Tier 2 Commercial Builders, such as Kennett Builders, Marshall & Brougham, Sarah, Harrold & Kite.

As pictured: Slade Laubsch (Adult first year carpenter), Isaac Smith (4th year carpenter working at Cabra College).

Congratulations Terry Johansen/Genemax

Host of the Month - August 2018

Matthew Schmidt (left), Terry Johansen (centre) and Guy Hewton-Lamph (right).

Terry Johansen from Genemax is a sole trader who currently places 2 MBA carpentry apprentices. Terry has worked in the industry for 48 years and predominantly does 1st fix, alterations and additions to residential properties.

Genemax have been a member of the Master Builders Association for 22 years and through all these years have placed MBA apprentices. One of Terry’s apprentices , Guy  Hewton-Lamph was also awarded Master Builders Apprentice of the year 2017.Terry believes the main benefits of the GTO scheme is the quality of their training and flexibility for apprentices to be placed elsewhere when there is a shortage of work. Terry does the majority of his work for builders including Samuel James, Aria Homes, LBD Projects Pty. Ltd. and various private builders

Congratulations Buch Constructions

Host of the Month - June 2018

Congratulations Buch Constructions

Buch Constructions currently have 8 carpenters and 3 partners in the office. On top of this they currently have 5 MBA apprentices placed in the field.

Buch have been in the industry for 30+ years and mainly do subcontract carpentry for commercial projects e.g. apartments, hospitals, government offices etc and a small number of residential general construction & carpentry projects.  The types of carpentry services they provide are:

  • fit out including timber door/frame & sundry h/ware supply & install,
  • timber wall, floor & roof framing,
  • custom timber works (e.g. flooring, stair cladding, podiums, outdoor timber pergolas, furniture & screening).

They have hired MBA apprentices since 1995 and have been members since 1992 first as Central Carpentry Contractors then as Buch Constructions since 2002 – 26 years.

They believe the  biggest benefit in utilising MBA GTO apprentices is the flexibility to adjust labour resources to suit the amount, type and frequency of project labour needs which fluctuate greatly.  In general the quality of the apprentices they believe is very good they have hired over the years. It is also a significant benefit to them that MBA GTO handles all the procurement, signup paperwork, ongoing training and human resource issues rather than if they directly hired apprentices.  This allows them to concentrate on the core issues of running a business in a very competitive industry.

Most of there work in recent years has been with Hansen Yuncken (Flinders Medical Centre, Port Adelaide Offices at 107 Nile St, nRAH, Health Innovations Building, Lyell McEwin Health Service, Women’s & Childrens Hospital, RAAF Edinburgh), Hindmarsh Constructions(UniSA City West Campus,B Apartments Bowden,  , BMD Constructions & Built Environs carrying out Carpentry Works & Door Package subcontracts.

As pictured: Jim Burke (Leading hand) and Cris Buch (Director)

Congratulations ProBuild Bricklaying

Host of the Month - May 2018

Congratulations ProBuild Bricklaying

ProBuild Bricklaying business currently has 6 members whom some have been running a bricklaying team for over 25 years.

Our company mainly does new residential but also do light commercial retaining walls and outdoor kitchens including wood ovens.

ProBuild  have been a member with Master builders for about 3 years and enjoy the Master Builders Group training scheme as firstly it streamlines the work involved with having an apprentice and MBA are very flexible in helping you to make the experience as smooth as possible and its great they screen the guys before bringing them on board. This has helped us have a good crop of apprentices who have all the attributes when looking to employ tradesmen and it also gives you a lot of pride when you can turn these young men into professional tradesmen.

We would also like to make a special mention to the builders we work for in particular Prime Builders, Chase crown, Brightspace homes and Serenity homes just to mention a few and especially IGU prime builders who have supported us for over 20 years and make it a pleasure to work for them as well as the others who without their support we wouldn’t be where we are today and to be in a position to take on 3 apprentices. It’s been a pleasure to build a good relationship with all these builders.

Steve Lolasidis- ProBuild Co-director

As pictured: Steve Lolasisdis (Owner), Zach Franceschilli (Apprentice), Tim Davies (Apprentice). Rob Galsworthy (Owner)

Congratulations MADD Carpentry

Host of the Month - April 2018

Congratulations MADD Carpentry

MADD Carpentry is a small company  employing one Tradesman Brandon Wait (former MBA Apprentice) and 2 MBA Apprentices, Taylor Riley and Hamish Pilgrim.

David Knight has been in the industry for 24 years, he also started out as an MBA Apprentice (when it was known as Building Industry Group Training Scheme).

MADD carpentry specialise in first fix carpentry predominantly sub-contracting to Oakford Homes and Hickinbotham Homes.

David has been a Host Employer for MBA Apprentices since 2007 and an MBA member for approx. 3 years. MADD carpentry uphold excellent levels of WHS requirements and always adhere to industry and MBA policies and procedures.

The MBA Scheme allows flexible employment, training and helps keep apprentices and myself up to date with WHS requirements. As a Host Employer it is reassuring given the support that MBA provides.”

As Pictured: Hamish Pilgrim (1st year left) , David Knight (owner/director Centre), Taylor Riley (3rd Year right)

Congratulations J & L Painting Services

Host of the Month - March 2018

Congratulations J & L Painting Services

J & L Painting Services Pty Ltd is a South Australian owned and operated
company specialising in commercial and industrial painting throughout South

Now a third-generation family business, operating in Adelaide since 1956,
working predominately in the commercial building sector and subcontracting
to most of SA’s major builders. Maintenance painting programs and re-painting
of existing buildings also make up a significant amount of J & L Painting
Services contracts.

Quality Assured to ISO 9001:2015 J & L Painting Services’ focus is on employee
safety, customer satisfaction, and a commitment to continual improvement.
Currently J & L Painting Services employ over 25 workers as full time staff,
supplemented by apprentices from Master Builders Association. MBA provide
enthusiastic young workers keen to learn in a good environment, which allows
employers to engage apprentices without the hassle of associated

Congratulations J and M Installations

Host of the Month - February 2018

Congratulations J and M Installations

J and M Installations have placed approximately 26 apprentices  over 4 years, the majority of whom, are new starters commencing their Trade journey. J and M Installations work in the commercial environment delivering Office furniture fit-outs and Built-In Joinery Installations and have a longstanding working relationship with Zenith.

Joseph De Virgilio (Director and Pictured) has been in the industry for 30 years. Some larger scale projects he has been involved in delivering have been the NRAH, ATO building and also the People Choice Credit Union Building. J and M Installations consistently have a heavy involvement in placing young men and women looking at entering the industry through Feeder programs run by MBASA GTO.

J and M installation place a huge importance on WHS and this assists in the good training and WHS education of the apprentices they place and assists them in winning large commercial projects as listed above.

Congratulations Kemp Carpenters

Host of the Month - January 2018

Congratulations Kemp Carpenters

Kemp Carpenters is a commercial company based at Salisbury Plains which has been operating for almost 20 years.  We carry out a variety of work from full refurbishments through to small maintenance jobs on Government and Council sites. 

The company has hosted MBA apprentices for the best part of it’s 20 years with half of our current workforce former MBA apprentices.  We place a big emphasis on apprentice development and with the diversity of work it provides the apprentices with a solid skill set to take with them throughout their career. WHS is another key area in their training to ensure apprentices are carrying out all their work in a safe manner.

It is Kemp Carpenters aim to employ suitable apprentices after they have completed their training “a lot of time and effort by all concerned goes into training apprentices and we take pride in seeing them turn into valued tradesman” says director Kirk Burfoot himself a former MBA apprentice.


Master Builders SA Apprentices: Receiving CITB funding assistance.