Terms and Conditions

As of January 2017, CITB eligible students will need to pay the full course fee at the time of enrolment, unless the course is delivered and assessed on the same day.

For courses eligible for CITB funding please ensure the following:

  • Where enrolment has been made at the CITB Eligible rate, your valid CITB number must be provided to Master Builders SA at the time of enrolment.
  •  At the successful completion of a CITB eligible course, eligible CITB students will be refunded with the CITB subsidy. 
  • Students MUST complete a separate claim form for each individual unit undertaken.
  • Master Builders SA cannot claim your refund (and therefore cannot reimburse you the funded amount) prior to the finish date set by Master Builders (which is 60 days after the course has completed, this timeframe is to allow for assessment submission, marking and processing)
  • For those courses where the training is run over more than one day but where there is no assessments the finish date for the course will be set as the last day of the course

If you are unsure of your CITB number please visit the Construction Industry Training Board website: www.citb.org.au and click “find your CITB number”, alternatively you can register online for a CITB number.  If you need any assistance with your CITB queries, please contact CITB on (08) 8172 9500.