There are many options open to individuals and organisations seeking funding to reduce the cost of education. Please note however that funding is an area that is constantly changing, so it is always best to check eligibility for potential funding with a Master Builders SA Education Consultant on 08 8211 7466 or email

Construction Industry Training Board

Construction Industry Training Board

Master Builders SA provides CITB approved training services. The CITB provides funding for over 500 short courses to holders of the CITB Training Card to make training more affordable and more accessible to the South Australian Building and Construction industry.

Funding takes the form of a discount to the retail price of a training course. If you have a CITB Training Card you can upskill/cross-skill at a discounted rate. Discounts vary depending upon the complexity of the training, course hours and whether plant operation is required.

If you are an Apprentice or Trainee there are some courses that fall outside your Training Contract that you may wish to undertake. The CITB provides discounts on almost 40 construction related courses that will assist you on your career path. Please note: you must be under a valid Training Contract with Traineeship & Apprenticeship Services to receive the discounted rate.

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