Employers have an obligation to ensure that employees are not subjected to inappropriate behaviour at work, including bullying and harassment.

Bullying occurs when a person or group of persons repeatedly behaves unreasonably towards a person, and the behaviour creates a risk to health and safety. Harassment is any behaviour of an offensive nature, and includes sexual harassment (unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature).

Bullying and harassment can result in claims by employees, and potentially investigations or prosecutions under work, health and safety laws.

We can assist your business to minimise the risk of bullying and harassment occurring, including preparing and implementing workplace policies, and undertaking employee training.

Where an allegation of bullying or harassment is made, it is important for the matter to be properly investigated. We can assist with bullying and harassment investigations, and advise on appropriate outcomes, including disciplinary procedures.

Employees who feel that they have been bullied may apply to the Fair Work Commission for a “stop bullying” order. We can assist your business to respond to bullying claims and applications in the Fair Work Commission.