It is crucial for employers to identify and correctly pay minimum rates of pay and entitlements to their employees. A failure to pay employees their minimum entitlements can result in significant financial penalties and/or expensive and time-consuming underpayment of wages claims.

Identifying minimum pay rates for employees can be complex. We can assist to identify the correct instrument (i.e. award, enterprise agreement or legislation) that sets pay rates for particular employees. An employee’s experience, qualifications and responsibilities can affect the employee’s minimum pay entitlements. We can assist to determine an employee’s classification level and pay rate, and identify any associated risks.

The Building and Construction Industry On-Site Award 2010 (and other awards) contains a number of allowances and other entitlements that must be paid to employees, in addition to minimum pay rates. We can assist with identifying these entitlements, and advise on related issues including the use of “loaded” rates of pay.

Award and agreement-covered employees are entitled to additional payments for overtime work, and work performed on weekends and public holidays. We can assist with identifying any applicable “penalty” rates, and manage potential liability to your business.

The building and construction industry (and related industries) impose different pay requirements for classes of employees (for example apprentices, casual or daily hire). We can assist you to identify any requirements that affect to your business, having regard to your particular circumstances.