Get serious with a Certified Professional Membership

Master Builders SA's Certified Construction Professional (CCP) and Certified Trade Professional (CTP) program is open to individuals within the building and construction industry.


Involvement in the program will open doors by recognising your experience, qualifications and achievements - and support your desire to futureproof your career.

Advance your career within the building and construction industry
Be recognised as being among the best in the industry
Have your individual achievements acknowledged within the sector
Demonstrate your commitment to your profession

We hold specific CCP/CTP events throughout the year to expand your knowledge and connections within the industry. 

Download our 2020 CCP/CTP events calendar here

"As a Master Builders Construction Professional, you can feel confident that you will be across everything you need to in our fast paced and ever changing industry. Being classified as a CCP or CTP means you have a stronger voice, it means your ideas, policies and business practices will be heard on a broad level and it enables you to really make an impact on future industry wide decisions."

PETER SALVESON Chief Executive Officer, Hansen Yuncken