Master Builders SA represents all sectors of the building and construction industry in South Australia from specialist trade contractors through to residential and commercial builders, that is why we have different categories of membership. 

Certified Construction Professional / Certified Trade Professional                      
Certified Construction Professional (CCP) and Certified Trade Professional (CTP) program is open to individuals within the building and construction industry.  Involvement in the program opens doors by recognising experience, qualifications and achievements. 
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HiViZ Women Building SA Program                                                             
HiViZ is a Master Builders SA program to inspire this industry change by promoting equality at entry level, discovering and highlighting issues, empowering people to see new career pathways and facilitating the development of coordinated solutions.  

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Group Training Scheme Apprentice                                                            
An Apprentice is an employee of Master Builders under our Group Training Scheme undertaking a trade such as carpentry, bricklaying, painting, tiling or solid plastering.  

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Residential Builder                                                                                       
Residential builders, also known as residential construction contractors, specialise in the building of homes. They plan and implement the construction of homes. Residential builders' clients are typically property owners or residential builder companies with a builder’s license. This also includes renovations and additions conducted by companies looking to restore or refinish buildings including extensions and heritage refurbishments. 

Property Developer                                                                                       
Property developers organise and plan for the acquisition, development and subsequent sale of new and existing properties.  They work out the best use for the land or property. They then plan the property development, including the schedule and costs. They may need to work with architects, builders, and local councils.

A Subcontractor is a person or business which has a contract with a contractor to provide some portion of work or service.  Subcontractors may include such trades as plumbing, electrical, roofing, carpentry, painting, bricklayer, tiler, cement work, plastering etc.

Commercial Builder                                                                                      
Commercial Builders are responsible for the construction of public buildings, commercial building, multi-res apartments, shops, offices, factories, nursing homes, retirements villages, hospitals to name a few. They tender for projects and submit plans to a building surveyor for approval and inspection of building work. 


A supplier is a company or business providing a charged product to consumers, end users or businesses.