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A message from the BEA Chairman

Aug 17, 2016 A message from the BEA Chairman

As judges for the Master Builders SA Building Excellence Awards, we have as a group and with the complete support of Master Builders SA mutually determined that the award is primarily to give credit to those builders who have achieved a standard of excellence in all the criteria that determines the assessment process.

In doing so it also communicates the message that the award is something to aspire to, setting high expectations for Master Builders SA and challenging members to excel in their industry. It also means that those builders who have received such an award will have pride in their achievement because it's hard to get.

It is not the endeavour of Master Builders SA or indeed the judges to simply provide an award for the best builder in each and every category. To achieve an award of excellence the score, out of 100, must be in the range of 80 plus. If scores in that region are not achieved, whilst the project may be good, it is not deemed "excellent" and the judges may determine that no award is therefore warranted.

To view my video outlining the 2016 judging, go here.

Graham Hardy - Chairman of the 2016 Judging Panel