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Fact Sheet - Non-conforming product update

Aug 04, 2017 Fact Sheet - Non-conforming product update


The dangers of non-conforming products have again been highlighted by the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in London. Australian governments are acting to better understand how to protect the public and eliminate faulty building products. The latest Building Minister’s Forum (BMF) commissioned a report to examine the broader compliance and enforcement problems including education, licensing, design, quality assurance, competencies of practitioners and importation of materials.


Current actions

The BMF has received an expert report outlining eight key recommendations designed to eliminate the use of non-conforming products in the Australian market. An implementation plan will soon be released:

  1. Address the impact of the regulatory framework;
  2. Enhance the powers of building regulators;
  3. Establish a forum for building regulators;
  4. Share information between government departments;
  5. Review current Australian Standards;
  6. Undertake independent research into manufactured products;
  7. Utilize existing product certification schemes; and
  8. Make the contents of the report public.

A public register operated by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is to be published detailing non-conforming products observed by members of the public. Industry and the public can report non-conforming products here:


This information was delivered at Master Builders SA's Quarterly Information Seminar and is available for download here. For further information regarding non-conforming products or industry updates mentioned at the seminar, contact Master Builders SA Development & Technical on 8211 7466 or at devtech@mbasa.com.au.