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Fact Sheet: Early injury intervention

Aug 04, 2017 Fact Sheet: Early injury intervention

When an employee is injured at work there are essential steps required to ensure the best outcome for your business and your employee.


  1. Prior to an injury: Ensure your policies and procedures are current. Injured employees should be provided with supporting documents such as injury packs and templates to provide to doctors detailing appropriate duties.  Educate your employees to report on injuries immediately and who to report the injury to.


  1. Prompt and appropriate treatment: If hospital attendance is required, consider taking the injured employee to a private hospital as the cost is recoverable under the ReturnToWorkSA work injury claims. You can recommend the employee attend a medical center that understands workplace injuries for non-urgent injuries. If a worker mentions they have the initial signs of an injury, request they make an appointment with a doctor immediately. Attend the medical clinic with them to show support and discuss with the doctor (where allowed) duties suitable to the employee. Alternatively, provide the doctor a list of suitable. A first response service, such as IMS ambulance, can attend the medical center or hospital with your employee. In such instances, be sure to lodge the claim with the claims agent at ReturnToWorkSA as soon as possible to ensure costs are promptly approved.


  1. Maintain a relationship with your employee: Complete an incident report and discuss the corrective measures to minimise the risk of repeating the incident. If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of the claim, consult with ReturnToWorkSA first. Do not discuss this with the employee directly. Keep in contact with your employee while they are away from work recovering. Invite them to any team meetings and social events so they feel part of the team.


  1. Limit your claim impact on your ReturnToWorkSA Premium: Provide meaningful suitable duties that benefit your business and pay your employee accordingly. Provide prompt information to the claims agent to get the claim determined as soon as possible and provide appropriate return to work services for the employee.


This information was presented at Master Builders SA's Quarterly Information Seminar and is available for download here. For further information on early intervention or industry updates mentioned at the seminar, contact Master Builders SA Industrial Relations on 08 8122 4990 or at injury@mbasa.com.au.