The South Australian building and construction industry directly employs more than 55,000 South Australians across all sectors, including residential, commercial, civil engineering, land development and building completion services. Indirectly, the industry supports tens of thousands more South Australian jobs.

The industry undertakes about $15 billion of work every year, contributing more than $1 for every $7 of economic activity within the State. Indirectly, more than one-quarter of South Australia’s wealth is produced by the building and construction industry.

Master Builders SA releases blueprint for a building-led economic recovery

This year’s State Budget is a time for serious action and a  ...
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2020 State Budget Submission

Three key factors to building a stronger South Australia are population growth, a skilled  ...
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Master Builders SA's position on Land Tax

Master Builders SA wants a land tax regime that encourages people to invest in South Australia. Investment  ...

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Land Tax Reform Package Submission

Master Builders SA welcomes the increase in the tax-free threshold to $450,000 and the reduction in the top rate to 2.4%.  ...

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