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Five steps for more affordable housing

Jun 16, 2016 Five steps for more affordable housing

Today, Master Builders Australia has called for five steps for more affordable housing - a top policy priority in its Federal Election campaign Strong Building, Strong Economy. 

It adavnces Master Builders policy agenda to tackle the real causes of the housing affordability challenge, particularly housing becoming even more expensive for first home buyers. 

The five steps are as follows:

  • Release more land for development;
  • commit to faster development approvals;
  • engage State Governments to improve outcomes;
  • cut stamp duty and
  • protect negative gearing  

Watch the Five Steps For More Affordable Housing launch video here

Master Builders Australia's other top policy priorities include jobs and skills for the future, economic settings for stability and growth, more infrastructure and investment, more small business and less red tape. View the top priorities launch video here

To learn more about Master Builders Australia's Federal Election campaign, visit www.strongbuilding.com.au