Do you need help obtaining a builders licence? Master Builders SA is providing assistance to help professionals become licensed and improve their knowledge of the building industry. Our Development and Technical Team can help you obtain a Building Work Contractor’s licence by identifying a pathway to achieve your career goal.

The skills assessment is a one-on-one meeting set in a relaxed environment. We ask you questions based on legislative, health, safety and technical requirements including wet area construction, timber framing installation and energy efficiency practices. We determine the Australian Standards relevant to your business and explain how to interpret them.

As part of the assessment we get to understand your needs and advise you of any training 
requirements essential for you to obtain a builders licence. Our “alternative pathway” training program is aimed at professionals who would like to obtain their license as quickly as possible.

The skills assessments are held at Master Builders SA, 47 South Terrace Adelaide.





Call us on 8211 7466 or email to book a time, or to find out 
more about the service.