Master Suite

Hazard and Incident Reporter

The Hazard and Incident Reporter will assist organisations to achieve 3rd party certification (ISO 9001, 45001, 4801, 14001), with a simple and user friendly interface.

In the Product Library section of Master Suite you will find the Hazard and Incident Reporter . This reporter has been developed as an intuitive tool that is able to produce reports showing trends and ultimately providing you with business insights around safety.

Master Suite is also continually updated according to the ever-changing workplace and safety laws to reduce your risk of non-compliance and penalties. 

A better Work Health and Safety (WHS) system will help you and your business meet legal WHS obligations and create a better place to work. Safety is an enabler for production. 

The Hazard and Incident Reporter can either assist in the development of a WHS management system or just simply add to and improve a current system. 


  • Colour coded summary to give a quick snap shot of the status or progress of each hazard or incident report.
  • The report page only provides the critical detail that needs to be recorded in accordance with Legislation.
  • Guidance notes are embedded in each report  to assit in successfully completing the report.
  • Incidents, hazards, and near misses can be automatically formulated into a report specific for an event.
  • Generated actions can be directly emailed to the responsible person/s from the system.
  • Easily create and print hazard and injury graphs.

To find out more please contact Mark Evans or call 8211 7466