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Building Site Safety Signs 

To avoid fines and non-compliance you must display adequate signage at your building site before any construction work begins. There’s no reason to fork out for fines for something as simple as putting up the right signage!

While the term “adequate” can be vague, depending on the size and scope of the project, there should be a minimum of one general safety sign posted at each building, as well as additional signs at any point that could be reasonably deemed to be an entrance into the building zone.

In addition to general safety info, health and safety legislation stipulates that anyone on or near a construction site must be warned of all hazardous activities related to the project.

Any safe work site should have a clear set of rules and a designated safety manager named and contact details provided. Display site rules where they can be easily seen, in a high-traffic area.

For assistance in developing a safety program for your business, contact Mark Evans our SQE Manager at or call 8211 7466.