Master Builders SA has a team of qualified and experienced Work Health and Safety Consultants who can provide professional advice and guidance on developing, implementing and maintaining Safety, Quality, and Environmental systems within your workplace.

Our Consultants are well-informed and up-to-date with work health and safety legislation, more specifically within the building and construction industry, which is often under review and can be difficult to understand and implement.

We know that differing organisations have differing needs and we are qualified to provide support and expert advice at every level at cost-effective prices for members.

Why use our services?

Our members can take advantage of:

  • smart and sensible solutions as Master Builders isn’t driven by profit; 
  • Master Builders is an association driven by your business success;
  • a partner who understands your needs and those of the industry;
  • access to experts in all fields of work in the building and construction industry;
  • partnering with an association which understands all facets of construction and building industry;
  • tailored support to businesses no matter the size - from very small to the largest. 

Whether you are a client, subcontractor, principle contractor or a consultant, we can tailor support to suit your needs.

• Access to the ONLY employer association with an award winning (2012) Recovery and Return to Work Coordinator (Houda Peters - 2012 WorkCover Return to Work Award Winner);
• A robust team of professionals across all building and construction elements including safety, quality, environmental, legal, insurance, training, development and technical advice and assistance.