Our Safety Management Systems

A sensible and smart safety management system not only supports legislative compliance, it may be considered during potential prosecutions. This is because a well implemented system demonstrates to the courts a level of understanding and commitment regarding safety. You may often find it is also a request of your clients.

A successful Safety Management System is organised with key responsibilities clearly outlined, regular reviews conducted and demonstrate compliance with legislation. Often these systems are based on Australian Standard AS4801 Safety Management Systems.

Our consultants can work with you to build a Safety Management System from the ground up, or review and/or revise your existing Safety Management System.

As experts in work health and safety systems in the building and construction industry, we are often engaged to provide support, advice and resources to adjust existing safety management systems to meet ever changing client  and environmental needs.

Risk Management and Assessment

Risk Management and Assessment

How confident are you in your risk management processes?

Ensuring you have effective risk management systems in place to help you to identify, manage and evaluate potential hazards in your workplace is critical in creating a safe work environment.

Are you aware that WHS legislation also requires a ‘review of controls’ as triggered by certain events?

Our consultants can work with you to review your risk management system by conducting a compliance audit and risk assessment of your organisation. This is a pro-active approach to workplace safety and will help to determine if your workplace practices are complying with WHS legislation.

We can walk you through the entire risk management process or conduct a risk assessment on a specific area of your workplace to highlight potential workplace hazards, identify tasks that are safety critical, and identify unknown safety hazards to potentially reduce the risk of  injuries and or fatalities.

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Audits

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Audits

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Audits in the workplace are designed to identify areas of improvement within your safety management system and to ensure you are complying with WHS regulations. Our consultants focus their attention on a variety of WHS standards and conduct them in line with legislative and industry best practice requirements.

We can also help you develop WHS elements in your safety management system such as workplace hazard assessment and control, safe work practices, safe operating procedures, safe work method statements plant and equipment, personal protective equipment and much more.

Further improvement can be made via developing a Workplace Health and Safety Management System. Involvement from management and employees in the coordination of this is paramount to its success. Our consultants consider all relevant management system standards and WHS legislation when developing this system and would provide a formal document with recommendations for implementation, including procedures that enable all employees to clearly understand the requirements.

Work Health and Safety Site Inspections

Work Health and Safety Site Inspections

Our consultants have worked directly in the building and construction industry and are well equipped to carry out WHS Site Inspections. These inspections assist in identifying areas of the work environment and work tasks that could potentially cause injury or damage, and review workplace systems in accordance with legislative and company requirements. As a result, problem areas are identified, assessed and reported.

For best results inspections are conducted in partnership with your existing people, resources, other work health and safety initiatives and systems.