Environmental Questions

What restrictions are their regarding fill?

For Residential sites as long as there is no history of site contamination fill removal up to 100 ton to a licensed receival site is permitted. If it is a commercial site the material must be tested must.

Where can I find information about Clean Sites?

Kesab has a free online tool kit for Clean Sites

Planning Questions

What approvals do I need before starting building works?

Full development approval must be in place prior to any construction commencing which means Provisional Planning Rules and Provisional Building Rules Consent must be obtained.

How long does my approval last for?

Development approval lapses 12 months after consent is given unless construction is substantially commenced, whereby works must be completed within three years.


Technical Questions

What are the options do I have for termite treatment?

The Australian standard for termite treatment and footing standard allows for physical, visual or chemical termite barriers.

Which are the main standards for timber houses with truss roof and concrete slabs?

For wall and Roof framing AS 1684 (timber framing code) and AS 4440 (timber roof trusses), Concrete slabs AS 2870, Wet Area’s AS 3740, Wiring AS 3000, Plumbing and Drainage AS 3500, Loads on Buildings AS 1170 series, Glass AS 1288, and Termite management AS 3660

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